Original Costume

Osaka Great Santa Run’ Ticket includes Santa suit (only Santa cap included for children ticket) but you can bring your own costumes. A lot of participants, babies or even dogs are enjoying their original Christmas related costumes. You don’t have any discount for bringing your own, though.

Event timetable

Event timetable

Venue map


Other Spots

  • Cheerleading workshop
  • Workshop for Kids
  • Performance by cheerleading department 'Raiders'
  • Waseda Setsuryo High School Wind Band
  • Photo Spots for 'Santa Dog'
  • Santa Bazaar
  • Aerial shooting with everyone!

    Starting at 10:20

  • B Class Food Festa

    Many food stalls are found in the Park. They are cheap-but-delicious foods called “B-kyu-gourmet”.

Running course

Running course

Other Spots

  • Photo Spots

    On the course, too. Photos with the castle look cool!

  • Dancing Santa

    Someone told us there is a Dancing Santa on the course… Check it out!


Venue Osaka Castle Park, Taiyo-no-hiroba & roads in the park
From Osaka Business Park Station (subway Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line) 5-minute walk
From Osaka Castle Park Station (JR loop line) 5-minute walk
From Kyobashi Station (JR, Keihan, subway Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line) 15-minute walk
From morinomiya station (JR, subway Chuo Line) 15-minute walk
※When coming to the Osaka Castle Park, please use public transportations.


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