How to Get Involved (Personal)

You are “Santa Claus”! There are a lot of ways to get involved in the Santa Run charity other than by participating in running or walking on the even day.
We welcome your support for our charity in any way that you can.

  • Participate in the Run
    (in November or December)

    Just enjoy the event in a Santa Claus costume!
    Your participation fee goes directly toward Christmas presents for the sick children in the hospital.

    participation method
  • Put up posters/ Hand out fliers

    One way that you can support our charity is by putting up posters and handing out fliers to people around you. Please let us know how many posters and fliers you need from Inquiry form.

  • Buy drinks from “Santa Run Vending Machine”

    There are special Santa Run designed vending machines throughout Osaka prefecture. Part of the profits from these vending machines are donated to the Santa Run office by the goodwill of the installer.

    Vending Machine Location
  • Follow Facebook/ Subscribe e-mail magazine

    Please share information from our Facebook and e-mail magazine.

    Facebook E-mail magazine
  • Buy Santa Run Original Goods

    All the sales will be donated to the Santa Run office. The picture book and the original towel are very popular for the presents to family and friends.

  • Donate

    We very much appreciate donations throughout the year.


How to Get Involved (Business)

You are “Santa Claus”.
We can work together!
As a business, there are many ways to get involved in the Santa Run charity. Below are only a handful of ways you can help our charity.
Also, we welcome any additional suggestions that you might have.

  • Group Participation

    Encourage your co-workers to join you in the Santa Run charity.
    We welcome participation of large groups, and it is a very fun way to spend time with your co-workers!

  • Event Sponsorship

    We collaborate with our major sponsors in our advertising campaign.
    Major donors will have their company’s name included on our advertising items such as fliers, posters, and on our backstage panel during our Santa Run event.
    We welcome other advertising ideas as well!

    Sponsorship Inquiry
  • Offer Goods

    Distribute samples of your products to our participants as a way to promote your company.
    You may provide food goods, drinks, towels, or samples of other items for awards on the Run day.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
    ※We apologize, however, fliers are strictly forbidden by the venue, the Osaka Castle Park

  • Support through Vending Machine Goods

    Donate the proceeds from your vending machine to our charity.
    This is an excellent way to support our organization throughout the year.
    Contact us and we will set you up with a Santa Run vending machine as soon as possible.

    Vending Machine Location
  • Help Promote the Santa Run

    Please provide us the opportunity to promote the Santa Run at your school, business, conference, or even library. We welcome all opportunities to share our organization’s mission in order to increase participation and support.
    We also welcome the chance to distribute posters and fliers for our event; we truly appreciate your assistance!

  • Create Original Products for the Santa Run

    Collaborate with our staff to create products that advertise the Great Santa Run on clothing goods.
    For example, in 2012, Gunze and our organization designed very popular compression pants with the Great Santa Run logo.
    The proceeds from these items go directly to our charity. Additionally, in 2014, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau distributed can badges to all participants for free.
    Contact us to discuss any ideas you might have.

    shop Inquiry
  • Sell and Buy Santa Run Goods

    We look for agents to sell our original Santa Run Goods, picture books and towels, etc.

    shop Inquiry


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