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  • 質問1
  • Can I walk if I don’t feel confident enough to run the whole course?

  • 回答1
  • 80% of participants walk in the Osaka Great Santa “Run”.
    It takes about an hour to finish by walking. Also, the course is wheelchair accessible.

  • 質問2
  • Do children need to pay to participate?

  • 回答2
  • Children from 3-12 years old must buy junior tickets for ¥1,080.
    They will receive a Santa hat, however, Santa suits are not available for children.

  • 質問3
  • Is the course baby stroller accessible?

  • 回答2
  • Yes, of course. The course is generally flat, with a couple slight slopes.

  • 質問4
  • Are dogs allowed? Is there an extra fee?

  • 回答2
  • There are many dogs in the fancy Christmas costume. The admission is free. Please always keep your dog on a leash.

  • 質問2
  • Can we choose the start time?

  • 回答2
  • Yes, you choose your start time when you purchase your ticket. Because the number of tickets in each start time is limited, please apply early.

  • 質問2
  • Is the running event timed?

  • 回答2
  • No, the Osaka Great Santa Run is not timed.

  • 質問3
  • Could I get a discount if I bring my own costume?

  • 回答3
  • Whether or not you accept the Santa suit, you must pay the full fee.

  • 質問4
  • Can we choose the size of Santa suits?

  • 回答4
  • No. The suit is one size only.

  • 質問2
  • Do we get the suits beforehand?

  • 回答4
  • No. You receive Santa suits only on the day.

  • 質問5
  • Could I get a discount if I bring my own costume?

  • 回答5
  • No. We cannot deal with “no costume”.

  • 質問6
  • Is there cloakroom?

  • 回答6
  • We apologize, but at this time we cannot offer a space for extra belongings.
    We recommend that you carry a white plastic bag with any extra belongings.

  • 質問7
  • Is there a dressing room?

  • 回答7
  • Yes, we have tents for changing clothes.

  • 質問8
  • Is there available parking for cars and bicycles?

  • 回答8
  • There is paid parking inside and outside the park. Unfortunately, space is limited. Also, there is no bicycle parking inside the park. We recommend using public transportation.

  • 質問9
  • Can we buy a ticket the day of the event?

  • 回答9
  • Generally we do not sell tickets the day of the event. We recommend purchasing tickets early because we have sold out in the past.

  • 質問10
  • Can we get a refund a ticket?

  • 回答10
  • Unfortunately, no. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope to see you next year!

  • 質問11
  • How can I donate?

  • 回答11
  • To donate, contact us “here” for more information.

  • 質問12
  • What happens in case of bad weather?

  • 回答12
  • No postponement for light rain/drizzle. In case of heavy rain, storms, or heavy snow, we will announce the cancellation on our website. Please understand, even if there is bad weather, there will be no refunds. All proceeds will go to charity.

  • 質問13
  • Will there be food at the event?

  • 回答13
  • Yes. There will be 20 different food carts with affordable food options for purchase within the park.

  • 質問14
  • Is it possible to hand deliver presents to the children in the hospital?

  • 回答14
  • Unfortunately, no. However, you will be able to go to the website to watch short video and see photos.

  • 質問15
  • Can I use the Osaka Great Santa Run banner on my website?

  • 回答15
  • Yes. You can copy and paste below.
    <a href="http://www.santa-run.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.santa-run.com/contact/img/bnr_santarun.gif" width="230" height="86" alt="Osakaグレート サンタ・ラン 2013"/></a>

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