(3 years old girl, childhood cancer)
When this little girl’s mother told her about Santa Claus, she was very excited, but then she became extremely worried that Santa would not find her in the hospital.

According to this little girl’s mother, this was a very difficult time. Her daughter had been in the hospital for a long time and she had undergone a lot of treatment. Her daughter was not able to leave the room for over a month because of her ongoing treatment. This even occurred around Christmas time, which was really sad for her daughter. She wasn’t able to leave the room to join the Christmas party in the ward. She couldn’t even see the Christmas tree decorations in the hall during the daytime because she needed to remain in quarantine to prevent a chance of infection.

Santa’s visit not only allowed her to enjoy the excitement of receiving a Christmas gift, but sent her the message that somebody was watching from somewhere in the sky. To this day, the little girl cherishes the gift she received from a generous Santa.

Her mother hopes that more participants of the Osaka Great Santa Run are able to help other children in the future, spreading smiles and joy even in difficult times.